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Once upon a time...

...there was a cool silver Airstream trailer that really wanted to be a vintage restaurant. This nostalgic piece of Americana was located on Louise Avenue and known as the Market Diner. That was 1996 (19 years after Elvis died). A few years went by, the building's owners tried a few other things at the Louise Avenue location (remember Dixie Brothers?) and then! Then they had a Big Idea...

That Big Idea involved moving this very building to this downtown location. Some people thought the Big Idea was a Crazy Idea. The move itself was crazy. The location was crazy. The building was crazy. Were the owners crazy? Maybe a little.

But as you can see, sometimes it's ok to be crazy. After the initial dust settled, people around these downtown parts started eating at the new Phillip's Avenue Diner. And they liked it. A lot. Then more people started coming. And more. And more. And hold the door, here come some more!

The rest is history. The Phillip's Avenue Diner gets great reviews all over the country—and more importantly—all over the Internet. People from out-of-town flock to this humble little diner. Locals love us. Food critics embrace us. And Elvis is not really dead.

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