Call For Takeout!


Phillips Avenue Fun

   Like your eggs wrecked and your soda with a little hail? We hear you loud and clear, pops. Diner lingo was most popular in American diners and luncheonettes from the 1920s to the 1970s. If you would belly up to your local lunch counter, you'd hear the waitress slinging these phrases faster than the grill man could smack a patty. Try ‘em out for yourself!
Adam & Eve on a Raft – two poached eggs on toast
Adam & Eve on a Raft and Wreck ‘em – two scrambled eggs on toast
Adam's Ale – plain water
Ant Paste – chocolate pudding
Atlanta Special – Coca-cola
Axle Grease – butter
B & B – bread and butter
Baby or Baby Juice – milk
Bad Breath or Breath – onion
Birdseed – breakfast cereal
Black Cow – chocolate milk
Blonde – coffee with cream
Blonde With Sand – coffee with cream and sugar
Bloodhound, Bow-wow or Bun Pup – hot dog
Bloodhounds in the Hay – hot dogs and sauerkraut
Bloodhounds on an Island – franks and beans
Blowout Patches – pancakes
BLT – a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich
Bowl of Red – a bowl of chili
Bronx Vanilla – garlic
Brown Down – wheat toast
Bucket of Cold Mud – a bowl of chocolate ice cream
Bullets – baked beans
Burn One – grill a hamburger
Burn the British – a toasted English muffin
Cackle Fruit or Cackleberries – eggs
Cat's Eyes – tapioca pudding
Checkerboard – waffle
China – rice pudding
CJ Boston – cream cheese and jelly
Cow Feed – salad
Cow Paste – butter
Crowd – three of anything
Cup of Mud or Cup of Joe – coffee
Deadeye – a poached egg
Dog and Maggot – cracker and cheese
Dog Biscuit – a cracker
Dog Soup – plain water
Drag One through the Garden – put all the toppings/condiments on it
Draw One – coffee
Draw One in the Dark or Muddy – black coffee
Dry – no toppings/condiments on it
Dusty Miller – chocolate pudding sprinkled with powdered malt
Eighty-six – cancel the order, don't serve the customer or the diner is out of the item
Eve With a Lid – apple pie
Eve With a Moldy Lid – apple pie with cheese
Fifty-five – root beer
First Lady – spareribs
Fish Eyes – tapioca pudding
Flop Two – two fried eggs over easy
Frog Sticks – french fries
GAC (Jack) – a grilled cheese
Graveyard Stew – milk toast
Groundhog – hot dog
Hail – ice
Heart Attack on a Rack – biscuits and gravy
Hemorrhage – ketchup
High and Dry – a plain sandwich without toppings or condiments
Hockey Puck – a well done hamburger
Hot Top – hot chocolate
Houseboat – a banana split
Hug One – orange juice
In the Alley – serve the item as a side dish
In the Weeds – unable to keep up with orders
Irish Turkey – corned beef
Jack Benny – a grilled cheese with bacon
Java or Joe – coffee
Keep off the Grass – hold the lettuce
Let it Walk – an order to go
Life Preserver – a doughnut
Looseners – prunes
Love Apples – tomatoes
Lumber – toothpick
Magoo – custard pie
Maiden's Delight – cherries
MD – Dr. Pepper
Mike and Ike – salt and pepper shakers
Million on a Platter – a plate of baked beans
Mississippi Mud – mustard
Moo Juice – milk
Murphy – a potato
Mystery in the Alley – a side of hash
Nervous Pudding – gelatin
No Cow – hold the milk
Noah's Boy – a slice of ham
On a Rail – make it fast
On the Hoof – rare meat
One from the Alps – a Swiss cheese sandwich
Paint It Red – add ketchup
Pittsburgh – something burning
Put a Rose On It – add onions
Put a Hat On It – add ice cream
Quail – Hungarian goulash
Rabbit Food – lettuce
Radio – tuna salad on toast
Raft – toast
S##t on a Shingle or SOS – chipped beef with gravy on toast
Sea Dust – salt
Slab of Moo, Let ‘em Chew It – very rare steak
Sleigh Ride Special – vanilla pudding
Spot With a Twist – tea with lemon
Stack – an order of pancakes
Sweep the Kitchen – an order of hash
The Works – put all the toppings/condiments on it
Throw It In the Mud – add chocolate syrup
Vermont – maple syrup
Warts – olives
Wax – American cheese
Whiskey – rye bread
Whiskey Down – rye toast
Whistleberries – baked beans
White Cow – vanilla milkshake
Wreath – cabbage
Wreck ‘em – Scramble the Eggs
Yum Yum – sugar
Zeppelin – sausage
Zeppelin in a Fog – sausages with mashed potatoes 

Tuesday June 19, 2018